Keen Bass: The Mindful Bassist's Journey redefines ​the learning experience for double bass enthusiasts. ​Under the guidance of Marcos Machado, we offer ​unique, standalone 5-8 page digital booklets released ​every Monday. These delve into specific bass ​concepts or excerpts, crafted to enhance your practice ​with consistency and variety. Keen Bass distinguishes ​itself by providing the flexibility to purchase releases at ​any time, allowing you to tailor your learning ​experience to your pace and interests, free from the ​constraints of a subscription model.

What Sets Keen Bass Apart?

Flexible Learning:

No subscription required. Choose the ​booklets that pique your interest at any time. ​Whether you're exploring one booklet or ​several, the journey is yours to control.

Weekly Insights:

Each booklet presents a new opportunity to ​focus on a distinct bass concept or excerpt, ​ensuring your practice remains fresh and ​goal-oriented.

What Sets Keen Bass Apart?

Interactive Bonus:


By purchasing the latest release, besides the ​booklet, you'll also receive an exclusive invitation to ​a free, 1-hour informal Zoom session with Marcos ​Machado the following Saturday morning*. This ​bonus is an opportunity to deepen your ​understanding, pose questions directly, and connect ​with a community of fellow bass enthusiasts.

*March 2, 10 a.m. Central Time/ U.S

What Sets Keen Bass Apart?

Live Engagement:

To ensure an engaging and focused learning ​environment, our Zoom sessions are ​conducted live, without recording, promoting ​real-time interaction and commitment.

Focused Growth:

By addressing one topic each week, Keen ​Bass helps you navigate through your ​musical journey without overwhelming you, ​enabling significant progress and ​accomplishment.

A New Booklet Every Monday

Keen Bass